Fan Mail

“As the venture capital sector grows and adapts to technological innovations and their applications, there are many opportunities for sector growth, particularly in fields like life science, biotechnology, social, human services, and businesses that are responsive to the needs of women and families. I am impressed by my constituent’s commitment to making sure that the promise of the economic and social rewards that flow from innovation and entrepreneurship are also seen by women and racialized people.”

Jenny Kwan, Member of Parliament, Vancouver East
(I lived in Vancouver East, 2015-2019)

She has a unique perspective on how Social Finance could enhance local government triple bottom line opportunities.

David Howe, Director, Southern Gulf Islands, Capital Regional District, Victoria, B.C

“She brings a fresh and inclusive approach creating opportunities for all. She is the reason I, and many other women and under-represented people, have become investors in the venture space. What she has achieved on her own is incredible, and what she can achieve through this collaborative approach will be game-changing.”

Jill Earthy, Past-Chair Women Enterprise Centre of BC, Former Chief Growth Officer, FrontFundr

She is one of the few investors who actively is providing constant value beyond a cheque. She’s a fighter, an advocate and someone who has made and will continue to make an impact as long as she has a seat at the table

Jennifer Li Chiang, CEO & Co-Founder, MuseFind

“She personifies the kind of vision we need in these times. She balances an instinct for short-term wins and an eye to long-term sustainability, an eye for overlooked opportunities with enormous potential, and the boldness that characterizes all the most successful financiers. At a moment where tides are turning, we need visionaries who can see past the next wave, to the ones beyond. That’s Bonnie Foley-Wong.”

Lauren Bacon, Business Strategist and Leadership Coach, Curiosity Labs

She brings an essential voice and perspective to the table that is more than a gender lens: her leadership, intelligence and unique ability to evaluate investment opportunities.

Suzanne Siemens, CPA, CEO & Co-founder, Lunapads International Products Ltd

“The [investment] industry will be better performing and more socially equitable because of her contributions.”

Madeleine Shaw, Founder & Chief Community Officer, Nestworks, providing inclusive co-working spaces for parents

She lives the promise to bring more than money by connecting companies, founders and opportunities to her portfolio.

Rob Attwell MBA, Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Careteam Technologies

“She is a respected and award-winning leader in our community that has personally helped me and several of my colleagues get to the next level as business owners and investors, As an investment expert, investors like me would not be where we are today without her support and leadership. Hundreds, if not thousands of Canadian women have enjoyed greater business success in our country because of Bonnie’s contributions.”

Susan Washington, B. Ed, M.Ed, Principal and consultant, The Washington Group