Author: BFW

COVID-19 Resources

These are unprecedented times. Several friends and colleagues have published resources for navigating COVID-19 uncertainties and government assistance programs. CANADA Tandem Innovation Group x Cerberus Consulting: Support & Quick References for Small Businesses and Contractors Granted Consulting: Canadian Government Grants and Funding Spring Financial Planning: Market Q&A and Resources Toronto Foundation: Better Toronto Coalition UNITED […]

20 Women

This International Women’s Day 2020, I’d like to celebrate 20 women – some of whom are close friends and some of whom I admire from afar. These women have supported me through a particularly challenging time in my life and career or they inspired me through their words and their leadership. Take a fleeting moment […]

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday and today I’m relaunching my personal website and blog. I can think of at least two occasions when I’ve written with conviction – once was starting in 2012, when I took the first steps towards writing my first book, Integrated Investing. The second time was at the start of 2016. I […]